Earth friendly hand made art. Quality craftsmanship & materials valued over volume.

Relocated to the high desert of Western Colorado! Rethinking & shapeshifting into the next variation of this website.

Seeking to create an all encompassing expression of a lifetime of creation and exploration.


Nature. Forever my muse.. I always seem to return to working with seeds and organic matter. Seed saver at heart.

Citrus season and the world's best dehydrator at my fingertips... of course I had to finally create citrus earrings! It's been a longtime interest of mine to dehydrate not only citrus.. all kinds of fruits and produce and turn them into wearable art. I've been having so much fun dehydrating produce for art, food and even powders! Come summertime it's game on!!

These babes need a seal in order to make them structurally sound and durable. I'm struggling with finding the right one that's pleasant to work with while also earth and people friendly. As usual I'm going about this the hard way trying to re-invent the process instead of looking to what others have done before me.

If there is anybody out there with knowledge on how to seal dry organic matter please reach out! I'd be super grateful!

Blog post coming soon :)