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You must be the change you wish to see in the world
Mahatma Gandhi
My intention is to create ethical, environmentally friendly adornment that has minimal impact on our forests and planet. While there is no simple answer and currently there are many challenges in the jewelry industry, I am committed to being part of the conversation and an example that change is not only possible but mandatory.  
Packing materials are kept at a minimum. Sourced locally or domestically whenever possible.
Jewelry is packaged in a re-usable cloth bag made of recycled cotton. I have been having fun hand dying these bags with natural dyes! My favorite so far is the Hibiscus flower, which creates a lovely pink hue.
Future plans are to design custom packaging made of biodegradable and recycled materials in combination with re-usable packaging.
Material Sourcing
Perhaps the biggest challenge of all is sourcing materials from business' who disclose origin source and environmental practices transparently. Often times the case because there is little accountability or demand from the buyers. 

Wood - A renewable resource! By far the most environmentally friendly material I work with. Diligently researching and sourcing responsibly sourced domestic wood or using "waste" scraps from other industries. 
Metal - Doing my best to source all recycled metals. One of the hardest truths to face is the reality that mining and refining metals is a messy business. All sterling silver in my work is recycled material. I have yet to find clean sources of brass and stainless steel. Reusing (recycling) metal that is in circulation is the best solution over mining new material.
Gemstone - Another challenging material to find clear, transparent origin information. I am actively seeking dealers, miners, lapidary artirt's ect who work with ethically mined gems that provide full disclosure. Current work has many stones with unknown origin.