Artist Bio


Bold, unique, light-weight, stackable, handmade with love and great attention to quality craftsmanship. Current designs employ old world hammering and fusing techniques applied to metals brass, silver and gold. Focus on small batch artisan jewelry.

Everything from the design, texturing each piece by hammer marks, to carefully fabricating each mechanism is handmade by Taylor. She is driven by the pleasure of working in the physical world, creating beautiful functional art. Her creativity is born from a love of nature, travel, ancient artisan techniques and a deep respect for the environment. Taylor lives and works in Oakland CA. There her work is also greatly influenced by a diverse, urban community that is constantly changing and affords a comfortable edginess that blends technology and art.

Away from the bench, Taylor finds her reset and inspiration in traveling and exploring the natural world. An avid wilderness backpacker, Taylor also enjoys rock climbing, surfing and free-diving. She is constantly searching for new experiences that offer an intimate relationship with nature and the opportunity to observe and connect at a deeper level.